When you are looking to expand or upgrade your kitchen, D'Marmol is there for you....
Our Consultants will provide you with design ideas and options that exceed your expectations in order to create a kitchen that is truly your own.

Ultimately the kitchen must be aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe. It should do more than just reflect your personal taste. It must suit the needs of all users throughout their life cycle.

Professional Makers and Restoration in the Marmol industry is a collaboration of leading craftsmen, designers, and consultants.
It is our goal to provide you with the best possible building experience.

Our team is completely dedicated to quality, and as such, works tirelessly with all of our clients to not only meet, but exceed their expectations.
D'Marmol NY Inc. is a locally owned, full service marmol company located in Brooklyn, NY. 
Let our experienced staff help you choose a Marmol company that meets your every need. With over 60 different granite colors on display in Brooklyn, our families are able to choose from this areas widest variety of Marmol, Granite & tiles.
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382 Troutman St. Brooklyn, NY 11237
Tel: 917-568-6018 * Fax: 347-529-0029